A Revolutionary Product!

Pocket Rubber is one of the most innovative products available to consumers today. As a manufacturer, we offer you Pocket Rubber direct without the wild advertising pitches, so you only wind up “Wowed” and not “Shammed”! Pocket Rubber is fantastic for so many uses and no household, boat, tool box or glove compartment should be without it.

Our goal when we began Pocket Rubber development was to provide an incredibly useful product and deliver it without passing the price of an ego-driven infomercial to the consumer. Everyday we hear from customers who have used Pocket Rubber for the first time that are amazed at what it can do. And because Pocket Rubber is shipped from our factory direct, there is no imitator out there that can provide our incredible value!

Important Product Information!

The name of the tape is “Pocket Rubber – Silicone Super Tape” and the formula was originally used by the military and is now available to you. Pocket Rubber is a self fusing product (it permanently sticks to itself) requiring no adhesive to work. It has infinite uses and it can be exposed to fuel, oil, UV rays, acid, solvent, it doesn’t matter because Pocket Rubber resists them all! What makes Pocket Rubber even more unbelievable is that it can withstand 700psi, insulate an astounding 8000 volts per layer, take on 500 degrees of intense heat and yet still remain flexible at a chilly -85 degrees!

Absolutely forget those ordinary sealers! Messy epoxy, drippy glue and sticky tape is no match for Pocket Rubber and its unique ability to create a form fitting seal that will never leak because it fuses to itself! Repair a spurting water pipe or steam fitting without turning off the water supply! Plumbing repairs and pipe sealing are easy, permanent and inexpensive! Pocket Rubber does not get gummy or sticky with time, so you can use it for tool handles to lamp cords – there’s never a mess or clean up needed! Hydraulic fittings are easy to wrap and prevents corrosion on those metal parts. Need an emergency tourniquet? Rescue a dangerous injury with Pocket Rubber until help arrives.


Find out how to get 3 bonus rolls of Pocket Rubber with your order offered only during our introductory product promotion. This is a $40 value! If Pocket Rubber does not thrill you or work to your satisfaction,return it for a full refund less S&P.

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